• "It challenged me – it shook up my assumptions...It pushed my definition of beauty into channels that are rarely exercised...it WOKE ME UP." --Transpersonal Theatre

  • "A visionary with a knack for creating experiences that transcend the norm...fostering a community of absurdly talented and dedicated individuals who make up her untheater troupe. The scope of this production was unreal...a masterpiece." -- Geekadelphia

  • “The story defies synopsis, but with the simplest of means—hardware-store technics, admirable puppets, and gorgeously-painted banners…the themes come together to ring with emotional truth and, like ripples in a pond, seem to expand out into the universe...One of the best productions of the year.” –The Milwaukee Examiner

  • "The romance of vaudeville, the adrenaline of punk, and the playfulness of the Children's Television Workshop...packing the house with theatre buffs as well as with those who tend to fidget in velvet seats." --St. Louis Magazine

  • “Gorgeous, poetic, funny, moving…I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.” –The Urbana News-Gazette

  • "The productions are big, bold, and unendingly impressive." --Baltimore City Paper

  • "A welcome oasis of imagination...rife with creativity and play. High-energy, funny, and surprisingly moving." --DC MetroArts

  • "A night at the theater has never looked so delightfully weird…Bizarrely frolicsome, cogently playful, sweetly surreal...quirky, but also exquisitely made and elegantly presented." -- The Santa Fe Reporter

  • "Whip smart and dirt poor." -- Broward New Times

  • “Like arts and crafts on crack...like a bunch of summer camp counselors performing a fairy tale with a set designed by deeply disturbed scrap-bookers...It was a kick-ass, amazing performance." --The Seattlest

Hello! Here’s what’s up now-ish:

March 2018: Essex High School in Vermont will be producing my play Three Kinds of Wildness and taking it to competition and everything. Very cool!

March – June 2018: I’m offering two different Pochinko Clown courses this spring! One in Philly and one in Detroit! See below!

Ongoing: Working on my first real solo show! Tentatively titled All 100 Fires, and with a planned debut in September 2018!