Here are a bunch of other things I’ve done. They really run the gamut.

My Pizza, My Idea! (2017)

Collaboration with Patrick Costello. An ephemeral pizza company where we deliver pizzas to people at times and places that they don’t expect. This project is part capitalistic venture, part conceptual art project and really succeeds on both fronts. This version happened in Philadelphia. Look for a New York version in 2018! Special thanks to Matt Gilbert for culinary advice. And check out a review from Philadelphia Magazine here.


Winter Wonderland for the Enterprise Center (2015 – 2017)

For the past three years, I’ve helped bring a winter wonderland to Max Paul Park next door to the Enterprise Center in Philadelphia. Using only recycled materials, I work with Carly and Miya (the farmers at the park) to create a landscape for visiting Santa (including the throne) and winter fun for neighborhood families and after-school programs.

Kinetic Sculpture Class for Neighborhood Bike Works (2016 & 2017)

2018 will be my third year teaching this class with Brian Bazemore. Each year we work with a group of youth ages 8-16 to collectively design and build a kinetic sculpture to compete in the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby. In 2016 our dragon bike won “Best Team of 10 or More” and in 2017 our space whale won “People’s Choice.” Here are some pictures from 2017.

 PES Oil Refinery Protest (2016)

Organizers of this protest asked me to design and create the visual aspect of this action. A coalition of Philadelphia groups was protesting the expansion of the PES oil refinery– the largest and oldest oil refinery on the East Coast. The refinery sits inside of the city about a mile from my house. I worked with Brian Bazemore and a handful of volunteers to create 150 cardboard sunflowers for the march. At the end, marchers spontaneously decided to plant their sunflowers in the refinery’s chain link fence.

UsTube (2015)

My first ever solo gallery show! I made these cardboard YouTube-style viewers and people made analog YouTube videos by just hanging out in person with a piece of cardboard between them. A lot of people ended up actually videotaping these exchanges with their phones, which just goes to show that nobody actually understands art. Exhibited at Practice Gallery in Philadelphia.

Gabfestry for Creative Dissenters (2013)

I co-organized this with my longtime collaborator Sarah Lowry and the Beehive Collective. We brought together 200 artists and activists for an international conference about the intersection of art and social change. Held in Machias, Maine for an entire week. Funded in part by the Sparkplug Foundation.

BareBones Halloween Extravaganza (2011-2016)

For five years I traveled to Minneapolis each fall to work on this incredible community art project. BareBones has been going on for about 25 years now, and has magically managed to maintain its scrappiness even through enormous growth and success. A truly inspiring thing to be a part of. I originally was hired as a visiting artist, then returned the next year as a section designer, before transitioning to lighting designer (my favorite role).  Here are some shots from the last year I lit the show.

Art Shanty Projects (2012)

I collaborated with Mitchell Dose to create a Flintstone-mobile style mail car that we used to deliver mail on a frozen lake.

Shadow Puppetry Workshops in Palestine and Jordan (2010)

In 2010, I traveled to Jordan and Palestine and taught free shadow puppetry workshops to refugee and Palestinian youth. I taught at women’s centers, centers for orphans, Na’am Theater (Hebron) and the Palestinian National Theater (E. Jerusalem). I wrote about the project for my master’s thesis.