Pochinko Clown Workshops and More!


Pochinko Clown Technique (100 hours taught over 7 weeks. Philadelphia. Begins March 25 – May 8)

Pochinko Clown Technique Intensive (100 hours taught over 2 weeks. Detroit. May 30 – June 12)

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About my workshops:

Pochinko clown paintings

Yes, these paintings are done by adult clown students.

Every year, I teach a handful of theater workshops, primarily focused on Pochinko clown technique, puppetry, and what I call “liveness.” I first studied Pochinko clown with master teacher Sue Morrison in Toronto in 2006. After several years, I went on to work with another master Pochinko clown teacher, John Turner (of Mump & Smoot fame). After assisting him and taking his “teacher’s perspective” course, I began teaching small Pochinko workshops in Philly. The demand and community has grown since then, and I’ve expanded to offer advanced classes as well, for folks who’ve completed the six mask “baby clown” course, but want to keep working and developing as clowns.

I usually teach at Panorama, the collective studio I co-founded in Philly, though I also travel to teach on request. The workshops described below are all geared toward adults (20 or older). My workshops have twice been supported by the Leeway Foundation– allowing me to offer workshops free of charge for maximum accessibility. I believe that performance training should be accessible not only financially, but in other ways, too.

Pochinko clowns at the beach

An advanced class visits the Jersey Shore. We fit right in.

So much theater training comes burdened with pretty destructive expectations around body type, gender presentation, race, age, and physical and mental ability. I strive to keep all of my workshops free of these expectations– creating spaces that are as safe and creatively liberating as possible. In these spaces, we can more effectively get down to the business of truly challenging ourselves to go deeper into the unexplored spaces in our imaginations. I believe that it’s much easier to dive deep if you can actually trust the person who’s watching you from the boat. And I’ve found the Pochinko pedagogy to be a remarkable tool for creative exploration and cultivating honest performance. All workshops are on a “suggested fee” basis, and prices are negotiable with work trade and in some cases, scholarships.

I’ve had the pleasure of offering workshops and lectures at places including: Heart of the Beast Theater, Hampshire College, Bedlam Theater, The Juniper Institute, The National Theater Institute, School for Designing a Society, Goucher College, Southern Illinois University, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Minot State University, and College of the Atlantic.

Below is a flyer for a recent “Getting at Liveness” workshop, which combines clown and puppetry work for a short, intense, and fun workshop that is great for all levels of experience. For more information about the specific structure and curriculum of any workshop, please send me an email!

Combo Pochinko clown and puppetry workshop