Feast of Fools (2017)

A site-specific celebration of the world beyond. Performed for Halloween in Cobbs Creek Park, Philadelphia. An immersive performance created with a bunch of clowns who had been my students in various Pochinko clown classes. Production sponsorship from Meow Wolf. Photos by Rachel Wisniewski.


Gentrified (2017)

I directed this piece for WHYY and First Person Arts’ series, CommonSpace. A piece of documentary theater featuring Mo Burroughs, Ociele Hawkins, J.D. Stokely, and Freya Zork telling their own stories of gentrification in Philly, New Orleans, and Chicago. Devised with the company. Performed at Fringe Arts in Philadelphia. Audio was used for the CommonSpace radioshow and podcast. Photos by Johanna Austin.


Earth First! The Musical (2016)

This was a workshop production for a longer-term project: a musical about the direct action environmental movement, Earth First!. Co-directed with Maren Ward and devised with a company of artists and activists from across North America. We got into some interesting scrapes while working on this in Lake Worth, FL. Rachel Monroe wrote about the project for the Oxford American here. A review in the Earth First Journal itself, is here. The workshop production culminated in a work-in-progress showing at the Passion Vine Farm in Lake Worth. A clip is below.


The Great & Terrible and The Small & Meek (2015)

I adapted and directed this all volunteer production of The Wizard of Oz. The adaptation drew from the film, the book, and scenes cut from the original screenplay. Performed at Bartram’s Garden, Philadelphia– the oldest botanic garden in North America. Reviews can be seen here and here. Photos by Paul Gargagliano.

Three Kinds of Wildness (2014-2015)

A play I wrote about Alexander Graham Bell, Frederick Tudor, and Mary Toft. It takes place in the deepest gold mine in the world and features a Greek chorus of mushrooms. Toured the eastern US twice. The touring cast featured myself, Patrick Costello, Travis Sehorn, Chenda Cope, and Cricket Arrison. Directed by Sarah Lowry.

Paradise Park Zoo (2014)

I produced and directed this awesome three-act play by playwright Savannah Reich at the Sherwood Oak in Philadelphia. The play called for the entire audience to leave the theater during the intermissions and so we had a small carnival with games and an accordionist on the street.

The 7 Person Chair Pyramid High Wire Act (2013)

I wrote this play and co-designed and performed it with Patrick Costello. The entire thing is performed on a 3′ x 5′ stage. The play toured the eastern US, New Zealand, and Europe. It was named one of the best productions of the year by the Milwaukee Examiner and was nominated for Best Production Design at the Wellington Fringe. Reviews from our run at the Philly Fringe can be read here and here.


Less Miserable (2012)

I directed and produced this illegal production of the musical Les Miserables. Artists, activists and disparate weirdos from across North America came to a piece of land in rural Vermont to put this together in one month. The touring cast was 55 people who learned all 400 pages of the the original score– four-part harmonies and all. The 20′ revolving stage turned on roller blade wheels and the giant cardboard proscenium had articulated cherub puppets at the top and a scalloped curtain. We had something like 200 costumes– all made during June of 2012. We toured for a week to Glover, VT, Providence, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.  I’d say that this project more than any other I’ve done emphasized the way I see process informing product– through the aesthetics, politics, and distribution of my work. Photos (process and production) by Jori Ketten.

They Should All Be Destroyed: A Jurassic Park Play (2008)

I directed the art collective Wham City in this adaptation of the film Jurassic Park. Dina Kelberman wrote the script (adapted from the screenplay). We toured this play twice along the East Coast and got mentions from the Village Voice and Rolling Stone, who called it one of the reasons that Baltimore had the “best scene in the country” that year.


The Missoula Oblongata (2006 – 2011)

In 2006, I co-founded The Missoula Oblongata with Madeline ffitch and Sarah Lowry. We toured like a punk band for several years, performing original theater around the US and Canada, mostly not in theaters. We grew a devoted following over the years and received critical acclaim for our work. Our collaboratively written plays (which often featured Travis Sehorn) included: The Wonders of the World: Recite! (2006), The Most Mysterious Day of the Year (2007), The Last Hurrah of the Clementines (2008), The 50 Greatest Ladies and Gentlemen (2009), Clamlump (2010), and The Daughter of the Father of Time Motion Study (2010). The company dissolved in 2011. A short reel of clips can be seen here.